Monday, 27 August 2007

Isadora Duncan

The first decades of the twentieth century form my favourite era concerning fashion. So, as you can imagine, this season, I am very happy with those designers who were inspired by Paul Poiret to create their collections.

But we can move onwards, and look for a different source of inspiration from that period, don't you think? In motion, from the King of fashion, to the Queen of modern dance: Isadora Duncan.

Most of the outfits shown here, are inspired by the always present ancient Greece: the headbands, the draped gowns...everything reminds of that time.

Isadora not only influences us today, but also used to influence all those artists who surrounded her. She certainly was a woman ahead of her time.


christina said...

Oh, beautiful. This is truly beautiful.
I really like the Greek influences.

Héloïse J. said...

i find really macabre the resemblance between her most popular pose (leaning back her neck)and the way she died in her car.. she is one of the most famous dancers in my counrty due to her relation to the greek element.

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