Thursday, 31 January 2008

Are you a fashion swot?

Fashion156 is celebrating their love for geek style encouraging readers to submit pics in their best nerdy outfits. In return, they're giving away fashion books. Each day, they will upload their favourites to the blog and readers will vote.

All you need to do to take part in the contest is send pictures -jpg format- of friends/family/partners/yourself in your best geek-finery to

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Nancy Cunard

I discovered the amazing Nancy Cunard a while ago, but due to the fails of my memory I instantly forgot her name. However, thanks to the interview Chloë Sevigny gave to UK Elle I rediscovered her.

The polifacetic Nancy Cunard was a born in 1896 into an English wealthy family. She soon rejected her background, and started fighting racism and fascism.

In the 20's she moved to Paris, where she was in touch with people like Man Ray or Aldous Huxley. This atmosphere made her publish her first poems, establishing years later the Hours Press to support young and upcoming writers and discovering people like Samuel Beckett.

Nancy dressed according 20's fashion, but her signature touch were the bangles she brought from her frequent trips.

Unfortunately, life wasn't very kind to her. During her last years, she suffered mental illness aggravated by drugs, and ended penniless.

Song: Walk away - Ben Harper

Monday, 28 January 2008

Sheer tights

One of my favourite trends for next spring are sheer tights. They're a refreshing alternative to the long reign of opaque hosiery. Not to mention the sexy component.

Song: The angry mob - Kaiser Chiefs

Saturday, 26 January 2008


We're on January and I'm already thinking on the pair of sunglasses I'm going to get for summer. It's crazy, I know. Blame the climate change, and the advanced spring we're enjoying here.

I've been considering getting a pair of A.P.C. sunnies, but they aren't available in the web. I also like the pair Chloë Sevigny designed for Linda Farrow Vintage, but I am afraid, the price will be far from my budget. So, following the nerd/retro trend, my final choice is the Ray-Ban Clubmaster's with black and gold frame.

Song: Mushaboom - Feist.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Kirsten Dunst for Lutz & Patmos

Back in 2002, Lutz & Patmos started a series of collaborations with celebrities in order to create their dream sweater. This season, is Kirsten Dunst's turn: a sheer tight tunic is her choice.

The likes of Sofia Coppola, Christy Turlington or L'Wren Scott to name a few, had collaborated with Lutz&Patmos in the past. But my favourite was Carine Roitfeld's ripped and torn sweater.

Song: Sitting on the dock of the bay - Otis Redding

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Je suis belle

Dalma Dévenyi and Tibi Kiss are the designers behind Je suis belle a Budapest-based new brand. The couple founded the label in 2005, and they have already won the Young designer of the year prize at the Hungarian fashion week.

The brand's name speaks for itself, the clothes are designed for a modern woman who wants to feel good in her own skin. A woman who wants to feel feminine yet comfortable.

Song: Release the stars - Rufus Wainwright.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Did you know...

It's not news that celebrities have a huge influence when it comes to setting trends.

Veronica Lake's signature hairdo was copied by most women in the 40's. But the long wavy hair was causing many accidents at war factories; usually the locks of hair were caught in the machines. That's why Veronika was asked to wear her hair up during the rest of the war.

She even appeared in and ad at "Life" magazine to prevent more accidents.

Song: Heartbreak Hotel-Elvis Presley.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Paris People

LWO is the artist behind Paris People. With this project he wants to explore in depth those feelings we experienced about strangers everyday. He describes his work better than I would ever do:

"The story:

A strange population has invaded the city. Most of them spend their day watching what's happening in the streets. Everyone seems frozen in a posture. Most often standing, sheltered behind large plate glass windows. Some lower their eyes, others seem to be watching you stubbornly. Sometimes they smile. They remain however discreet, staying behind the sidewalk. Although they were unknown, their silhouettes become familiar over the meetings. We can see a wide variety of profiles. However, they are all beautiful. Also, note that they rarely change their clothes (when they are not nude). In any case, their poses insured encourage us to make a portrait. What I have done. "

You might have noticed the frequency of posts has been slowing down lately. I'm sorry about that,but I have so many exams around the corner.

Song: People are strange - The Doors

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Girls with Allure: Rumi

Rumi and her west coast signature style deserve to be featured in Girls with Allure. This twenty-four years old, lives in California and has an understandable obsession for Balenciaga bags.

Define your style.
"Melanie Huynh reading Lula on the beach, listening to the Velvet Underground. I wish. "

I would never be caught in...
"Overly whiskered jeans. "

A book, a film, and a song.

"Franny and Zooey, The Last Days of Disco, Girl in a Coma - Their Cell. "
Who is your favourite designer?

"Karl Lagerfeld. "

What's in your bag?

"Razr, Bluetooth, iPod Touch, Netflix giftcard, vintage Sunnies in heart print Forever21 case, makeup bag, Nars lip gloss in Turkish Delight, Rimmel cream eyeshadow, ivory studded wallet, keys with Tokidoki keychain, post office receipt, hand sanitizer, Bliss hand cream, American Apparel catalog, leather gloves, Sony Cybershot camera, Dauphine Press mini-notebook. "

A fetish

"I am eternally obsessed with tights and socks, they receive even more drawer space than my shirts, and I can never find the right pair without rifling through the stockpile for actual minutes."

What does elegance mean to you?

"Elegance is looking chic in the simplest looks. Charlotte Gainsbourg needs nothing more than some worn jeans and a T-shirt to look better than any other room in the room. If only we were all so lucky! "

Song: Their cell - Girl in a coma

Monday, 14 January 2008

Pierre Hardy, the master.

I don't live by Aristotle golden mean philosophy. I like extremes, specially when it comes to shoes. I wear flats or 10cm tall (or taller) heels, nothing in between. I'd rather walk barefoot than wear kitten heels. Which means a probability of 1 of hurting my back, but blame the hedonist inside of me.

That is the main reason of my devoted love to Pierre Hardy shoes. His studies of fine arts and dance, soon earned him an assistant position at Dior, quickly becoming the designer-in-chief. His success at the french house lead him to Vogue Homme International while he was also in charge of women's footwear at Hermés.

Until 2005 he was the Creative Director of the fashion shows at the Hyères Festival. However, he became internationally famous thanks to his collaboration with Nicholas Ghesquiére for the house of Balenciaga. In 1999, he finally launched his first collection of women shoes under his own name.

Pierre Hardy designs are innovative, fresh and architectural. The woman that wear his shoes is not afraid of taking risks. As he once said: "I love my shoes because they are purely about technology and styling; nothing to do with trends. The challenge was to make that glamorous."

Song: 15 Step - Radiohead

Friday, 11 January 2008

Valentine Fillol-Cordier

Valentine Fillol-Cordier is a Parisian model, stylist and muse to many magazines and designers -including Jean Touitou and Charles Anastase-.

I have been admiring her sense of style for a while now. She isn't one of the most beautiful models out there, but she has something so distinctive, that makes her very special. The fact that she owns the most amazing wardrobe, stuffed with vintage from all over the world and labels like Chanel helps. In her own words, her style is "something between Coco Chanel and Patti Smith". She couldn't have defined it better.

Song: Redondo Beach - Patti Smith

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Thoughts about Fassbinder and Costume Design

The symbiotic relationship between cinema and fashion is well known. It's clear: they need each other in their particular creative processes. Films use costume design to enlighten certain characteristics or to capture the course of time, for instance. Whereas fashion, uses cinema as one of its main sources of inspiration.

But it is also true, that there are certain movies, in which costume design plays a principal role. And that is the case of Fassbinder films. He knew how important clothing is to reflect personality -he was often seen with a leather jacket and dark glasses- hence he relied the costume design of his films to the amazing Barbara Baum.

From The bitter tears of Petra Von Kant.

Here you can find an interesting article about Costume Design in German Cinema.

Forgive my lack of originality: Lili Marleen.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Miss Bruno

If you are looking for an original scarf to wrap yourself up during the cold winter, Miss Bruno is the answer. The label is the result of a collaboration between two sisters, who take their own origins, music and cinema as their main sources of inspiration. The scarfs are handmade, and the quality is said to be superb.

You probably can't tell by this picture, but this scarf is ended with the most beautiful vintage French lace.

Song: Slow hands - Interpol

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Sew U

Sew U, is a nine-chapter book written by Wendy Mullen (Built by Wendy's designer). Sometime ago, she saw the need to write a book for those of us who are tired of looking at cheap clothes at high street stores and being clones, or who simply want to be creative.

The first five chapters explain everything about the tools, sewing machine, fabric types, patterns and cutting. She also remarks how important is to be organized.

The next three chapters are dedicated to the skirt, shirt and trousers, appearing in order of difficulty. At the end, there are patterns enclosed for each type of garment. The last chapter explains how to work with your tailor.

My only complaint about the book, is the lack of a dress pattern.

So much fun: My way - Sex Pistols

Friday, 4 January 2008


Malaba is a Madrid-based accessories label founded in 2003 by Ana Carrasco. She started designing pieces for her family and friends, and due to the resounding success achieved, she decided to take the professional path.

Malababa produces colorfoul bags, belts, and jewellery in a wide range of materials and styles. Each piece is craftmade which ensure the final quality of the product.

Just feeling nostalgic for this great song: Trouble- Coldplay

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Old English school blazer

For his latest winter collection, Ghesquière retrieved the old English school blazers. More recently, different fashion weeks (specially New York) proclaimed the long jacket as one of the biggest trends for next spring.

My personal choice is the classic navy blazer with gold buttons, long enough to cover the hips. Ashley Olsen, always ahead of trends, was seen with one in 2004. And now, Vogue Paris stylist Geraldine Saglio and Alexa Chung can't stop wearing theirs. The key is to keep the rest of the outfit young and fresh considering the seriousness of the blazer. Try with high-waisted jeans, simple white tees or plaid shirts. Ralph Lauren kids is an easy and affordable option.

Song: Bittersweet symphony - The Verve

Wednesday, 2 January 2008


I am glad to announce the launch of Fanatique, the work of the two experienced bloggers behind Le Portillon and La Primavera.

In their own words Fanatique is: "A place for in-depth,unpretentious, fashion writing and general creativity. By taking the best out of blogging, which we believe to be the personality, and combining it with the variety of contributors and opinions that appear in magazines: our aim is to create a network for creative individuals, and - above all - a site that one can go to, have a read through, and then leave while feeling slightly more enlightened than before.

We are interested in the past, present and future of fashion. We believe in fashion as being more than just clothes. After all, for us, fashion is a way of life: as is art, music, and literature. Sometimes terribly materialistic and sometimes a sigh of relief; a comfort; an outlet for expression. Fashion is anything you want it to be."

Take a peek at the site, it is worth your time.
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