Friday, 27 February 2009

Spring/Summer wishlist

At the beginning of each season I always create a list of things I would like to purchase over the coming months with two objectives: save money buying garments I really need and somehow try to complete my wardrobe.

Al principio de cada temporada siempre elaboro una lista de las cosas que me gustaría comprar a lo largo de los meses venideros con dos objetivos: economizar comprando prendas que realmente necesito y a las que voy a dar uso durante mucho tiempo, y de alguna manera tratar de completar mi armario.

Basically, I realized I need more tops -I might be buying a playsuit too- and that's what I based my list on: American Apparel dress, KAiN black t-shirt, red striped t-shirt, Persol (or the new wayfarer style by Ray-Ban, I don't know yet) sunglasses, denim jacket, play Comme des Garçons black cardigan and Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

Básicamente me he dado cuenta que necesito más tops que otra cosa -aunque quizás compre un mono- y en eso he cimentado mi lista:vestido de American Apparel, camiseta negra de KAiN, camiseta de rayas rojas, gafas de sol Persol (o el nuevo modelo wayfarer de Ray-Ban, no me he decidido aún), cazadora vaquera, cardigan negro de play Comme des Garçons y bolso de Marc by Marc Jacobs.


Things I've already bought so far: lace-up shoes and Preen sandals both from Topshop, Superfine skinnies and lingerie.

Cosas que ya he comprado: brogues y sandalias de Preen ambos de Topshop, pitillos Superfine y lencería.


Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Girls with Allure: Ashleigh

I would like to continue showing you my love for the always stylish Austrialians featuring Ashleigh in Girls with Allure.


Define your style. Part girl and part modern grunge. I definitely get a lot of inspiration from current trends and look books but I also revisit my older pieces to revamp them and I’m definitely an op shop girl.

You'd never be caught in... clothes with labels plastered across them. I just can’t do it.

What would you wear to a big night out? Something black for sure, it’s always the safe option. My last big night was in Brunswick and I wore an American Apparel U-Neck dress and my customized Rubi stud boots. So always something along those lines, it’s still quite grungy and definitely not too girly but a bit neater.

You can't live without... culture. Melbourne has so much of it and I am learning so much about the world through this beautiful city. So really, I probably couldn’t live without Melbourne.


What can we find in your bag right now? I have been changing bags a lot but lately I’m holding onto this hippy type sling sack bag and you’d definitely find my planner, Lucas’ Papaw Ointment (this stuff can be used for anything!), my iPod, my camera, my semi-wallet (I’m too lazy to go and buy myself a new real wallet so instead I just used a coin pouch), a magazine (currently Yen) and lots of bobby pins, rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Your passion is... fashion, writing, food and wine and music.

Which is, in your opinion, the best piece of clothing ever designed? The classic tuxedo suit created by YSL in 1966. This kick started the whole masculine-feminine look that has lead the way to not only my wardrobe choices but a whole new view on women’s fashion. It’s as much as what the piece says to the world as it is what it looks like.

Who are your favorite designers? Claude Maus, Zambesi, Chloe, Ellery, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler.

A book, a film and a song. To Kill a Mockingbird, Blow and I Will Possess Your Heart (Death Cab for Cutie)

What are your wardrobe staples? A white tshirt and a great pair of flats such as my oxfords.


A fetish leather, gosh I am so in love with all things leather, oh and studs, so studs too.

What kind of things inspire you while getting dressed? I have a separate rack in my room which holds all my clothes which are currently begging to be worn. But before that, the rack is built up from magazines, music, art and my city itself.

Name three of your favourite beauty products. Aesop Rejuvinate Body Balm, Napoleon Pro Palette Concealer and Lucas’ Papaw Ointment.

What does style means to you? Style to me is another form of self expression it’s like art or music. It’s an outlet that helps us to channel all of our inspirations and current philosophies into one ensemble. It is fun and it is beautiful.

Thursday, 19 February 2009



Don't judge the book by its cover (title, in this case) I'm not about to write the predictable post about the newly launched Love magazine. Instead of that I'm going to talk about Lover, the label.

No juzgueís el libro por su portada (título, en este caso), no estoy a punto de escribir el predecible post sobre la nueva revista Love sino sobre Lover.


Lover was one of the first Australian labels I fell in love with. Susien Chong's line shows girly clothes with romantic touches topped with delicate fabrics. For the spring/summer collection- one of the best she has done till now- she proposes: jumpsuits galore, babydoll dresses and tailored pieces in a soft range of colours.

Lover fue una de las primeras marcas Australianas de las que me enamoré. Susien Chong nos presenta una propuesta muy femenina con toques romáticos, para la que utiliza tejidos delicados de alta calidad. Para ésta temporada -una de las mejores hasta la fecha- sugiere: muchos monos, vestidos babydoll y trajes de aires masculinos, todo en una fresca paleta de colores pastel.


Sunday, 15 February 2009


Stevie tagged me a few days ago and I can't say no to a blogger who I've been faithfully following for more than two years. Here are my 6 unknown facts:


I am a sucker for good manners. In fact, I get mad at people who don't take their hats off when entering a public place.

No me puedo resistir a la gente con buenos modales. De hecho, me pone enferma cuando una persona no se descubre al entrar en un sitio cerrado.

I have a self-imposed ban on leaving the house in a tracksuit. / Nunca salgo de casa en chándal.


I'm a little bit obsessed with lingerie./Estoy un poco obsesionada con la lenceria.

I hate it when people stare at what I'm doing on the computer. / Odio que la gente se ponga detrás de mi a mirar que estoy haciendo en el ordenador.

I do most of my shopping online, it's way easier for me./La mayoría de las veces compro online, es mucho más fácil para mi.


After -what seemed- an endless hard period, I'm now enjoying a peaceful moment. I even can feel happy at times, which is very good indeed.

Después de lo que parecía un interminable y duro periodo, estoy disfrutando de un momento muy sereno. Incluso puedo ser feliz a veces.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Do you know how to pony like bony maroney?


I can't remember very well the moment when I bought "Horses", although the feeling that the album was outstanding is still on my mind, to the point that I believe it changed my view on music and -I dare say- life, forever.

No recuerdo muy bien en que momento compré "Horses", pero mi memoria ha sido capaz de guardar muy bien esa sensación de estar escuchando algo excepcional que cambiaría mi visión de la música y me atrevería a decir que de la vida también, para siempre.


Patti Smith's complex mind leads to the talent she streams through her many artistic facets: not only she is a gifted writer, but also an excellent photographer -among other things-.

La compleja personalidad de Patti Smith desemboca en un raudal de talento que es capaz de canalizar a través de muchas facetas artísticas: no solo es una gran escritora, sino que también una excelente fotógrafa -entre otras cosas-.


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The curious case of Zara

It's been a time since I've been lusting after a black wool boyfriend blazer, so yesterday I decided to go to Zara and rummaged a bit through their racks. Hided between an army of military inspired jackets, I discovered a blazer that hit my standards and was my size. I tried it on...and well the fit wasn't perfect, but I wasn't going to say no for a mere €20. I arrived at the cashier desk and to my surprise the shop assistant said:

-It's €59,90
-Me: Err....have a look at the tag, it's on sale, it's 19,90€.
-No, it's not, this blazer is from the new season. Do you want me to cancel the purchase?
-(furious me) Yes!!!!

I felt so humbled, do they really think we're idiots? How do they want us to believe a wool blazer is from the spring/summer collection?! Worst of all: Zara constantly sells their last season basics as if they were new. I'm tired of this sort of things, Zara's custom service must change otherwise shopping there would turn unbearable.

Hace ya un tiempo que me apetece una americana negra de inspiración masculina, así que ayer fui a Zara a rebuscar un poco entre los percheros de las rebajas y ver si encontraba algo del estilo. Escondida entre un ejército de chaquetas militares encontré una que podría servir y además era de mi talla. Me la probé...y bueno he de decir que no me quedaba perfecta, pero por 20€ no iba a decir que no. El caso es que me voy a pagar y me dice la cajera:

-Son 59,90€.
-Yo: ehhh...mira la etiqueta, está en rebajas, pone que son 19,90€.
- (dependienta lerda del Calatrava de Oviedo) No, no está de rebajas, ésta americana es de la nueva temporada. ¿Te lo cancelo?
-(yo, furiosa): sí!

Me sentí tan humillada, ¿de verdad creen que somos idiotas?, ¿cómo pretenden hacernos pasar una chaqueta de lana como si fuese de primavera/verano? Lo peor de todo es que Zara constantemente trata de vender sus básicos de la temporada pasada como si fuesen de la nueva. Estoy harta de ésta clase de cosas, Zara tiene que mejorar mucho su atención al cliente o comprar allí se volverá insoportable.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Please, don't let me be misunderstood



Hopefully, this blog will be back to normal activity soon!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A house of pomegranates


OK, I know I'm a bit late commenting Marc Jacobs ads for next season, but they're so great that I can't help it. Signed, as usual, by the talented Juergen Teller, they show a whimsical scene where a pretty pretty Raquel Zimmerman is surrounded by beautiful pomegranate trees.

Vale, lo admito se que voy un poco tarde comentando ahora los anuncios de Marc Jacobs para la próxima temporada, pero es que son tan buenos que no lo puedo remediar. Firmados, como siempre, por el talentoso Juergen Teller, en ellos podemos ver una escena muy romántica en la que aparece una guapísima Raquel Zimmerman rodeada de granados.
Pic's source: fashionologie.

Monday, 2 February 2009

"I am throwing my arms around Paris"

I arrive in Paris on a cold winter morning. The frost covers the city making the buildings look even more beautiful. I get out of my taxi and enter the Boissy D'Anglais hotel where the always kind Lancôme gang gives me a warm welcome.

Llego a París en una mañana fría de invierno. La escarcha cubre la ciudad, haciendo que los edificios parezcan aún más bonitos. Me bajo del taxi y entro en el hotel Boissy D'Anglais donde el siempre amable equipo de Lancôme me recibe con una calurosa bienvenida.


I am here to attend the presentation of a new antiaging product: Génifique. Véronique Delvigne, scientific communication director, introduces us this youth activator that is called to be a revolution.

Estoy aquí para acudir a la presentación de un nuevo producto antiedad: Génifique. Véronique Delvigne, directora de comunicación del área científica, nos presenta un regenerador de juventud que está llamado a ser una revolución en el campo de la cosmética femenina.

After ten years of investigation Lancôme makes two major scientific discoveries:

-"Gene activity varies with age. Aged skin takes longer than young skin to repair itself after mechanical aggression."

-"A surface protein signatures typifies young skin."

(I can't say whether it works or not for an aged skin, but I've been trying it since Friday and I can assure your my pores look tighter and my skin is smoother.)

Después de diez años de investigación Lancôme realiza dos hallazgos científicos:

-"La actividad genética varía con la edad. La piel madura tarda más en repararse que la jóven después de una agresión."

-"Una proteína característica de la superficie tipifica la piel jóven."

(No sé si funciona o no en pieles maduras, pero yo la uso desde el viernes y puedo asegurar que mis poros están más cerrados y mi piel más suave.)


After a cozy lunch at L'Eclaireur we enjoy a relaxing beauty session at the Faubourg-St.Honoré boutique followed by a make-up session (in case you want, I'll show pictures soon).

Después de un agradable almuerzo en L'Eclaireur pudimos disfrutar de una relajante sesión de belleza en la boutique de Faubourg-St. Honoré seguida de una sesión de maquillaje (si quereis, habrá fotos pronto para enseñar).

Definitely a day to remember.

Definitivamente un día para recordar.

Sunday, 1 February 2009


I'm so sorry for my absence these past few days but I haven't been feeling very well this weekend. Anyhow, tomorrow I'll write a post to tell you all about my short trip to Paris on Friday.

Siento mi ausencia de los últimos días, pero no me he encontrado muy bien éste fin de semana. De cualquier manera, mañana escribiré un post para contaros todo sobre mi viaje relámpago a París el viernes.
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