Monday, 2 February 2009

"I am throwing my arms around Paris"

I arrive in Paris on a cold winter morning. The frost covers the city making the buildings look even more beautiful. I get out of my taxi and enter the Boissy D'Anglais hotel where the always kind Lancôme gang gives me a warm welcome.

Llego a París en una mañana fría de invierno. La escarcha cubre la ciudad, haciendo que los edificios parezcan aún más bonitos. Me bajo del taxi y entro en el hotel Boissy D'Anglais donde el siempre amable equipo de Lancôme me recibe con una calurosa bienvenida.


I am here to attend the presentation of a new antiaging product: Génifique. Véronique Delvigne, scientific communication director, introduces us this youth activator that is called to be a revolution.

Estoy aquí para acudir a la presentación de un nuevo producto antiedad: Génifique. Véronique Delvigne, directora de comunicación del área científica, nos presenta un regenerador de juventud que está llamado a ser una revolución en el campo de la cosmética femenina.

After ten years of investigation Lancôme makes two major scientific discoveries:

-"Gene activity varies with age. Aged skin takes longer than young skin to repair itself after mechanical aggression."

-"A surface protein signatures typifies young skin."

(I can't say whether it works or not for an aged skin, but I've been trying it since Friday and I can assure your my pores look tighter and my skin is smoother.)

Después de diez años de investigación Lancôme realiza dos hallazgos científicos:

-"La actividad genética varía con la edad. La piel madura tarda más en repararse que la jóven después de una agresión."

-"Una proteína característica de la superficie tipifica la piel jóven."

(No sé si funciona o no en pieles maduras, pero yo la uso desde el viernes y puedo asegurar que mis poros están más cerrados y mi piel más suave.)


After a cozy lunch at L'Eclaireur we enjoy a relaxing beauty session at the Faubourg-St.Honoré boutique followed by a make-up session (in case you want, I'll show pictures soon).

Después de un agradable almuerzo en L'Eclaireur pudimos disfrutar de una relajante sesión de belleza en la boutique de Faubourg-St. Honoré seguida de una sesión de maquillaje (si quereis, habrá fotos pronto para enseñar).

Definitely a day to remember.

Definitivamente un día para recordar.


ellastica said...

did aaron de may do your make-up?
that would be amazing!
i remember first reading about him in the late 90s in Harper's Bazaar, back when they focused more on up-and-coming fashion talent. he's come a long way.

did you mean 'gene' activity?
it took Lancome 10 years of 'research' to produce this vague and over-used cosmetics 'discovery'? this is very disappointing. it isn't exciting or seductive in the least.

read one cosmetics ad or pamphlet and you've pretty much read'em all. but it's not what they say but how they say it that changes. i'm always so entertained and astounded by the constant re-invention of creative wordplay in cosmetics advertising.

for 'more balanced' albeit much less glamorous take on the cosmetics industry and product news this site is extremely helpful:

Lisa said...

Que divertido. Thank you for sharing your day. :)

María said...

ellastica, thank you for enlightening us all with your VAST knowledge.

electric feel said...

now iam really not so in anti-aging products, but maybe in the future i will think about them

S. said...

Ahh.. seems like everyone is going to Paris nowadays. ;)

You must have had so much fun..did you get anything? :) Missed your blog. <3

Anonymous said...

It seems you had a great time in Paris ! I'd love to see the pictures of the make-up session :)

Anonymous said...

I'm very jealous. I had so many chances to go to Paris and I always passed so that I can go with the right person. I use to live in Switzerland and Germany should have just gone as much as possible! Please so tell us more about all your adventures.

- said...

aren't we ('cause we are similar ages) too young for anti-aging porducts??? is the product special for young women to avoid aging too fast int he future....???

Charlotte said...

Hi ther! We have missed you! Lucky you, I love PAris! Glad to have you back.

María said...

lluviaschick: they said it's for all ages, but I personally think it'd do little for a young girl in terms of antiaging.

Anyhow, as I already mentioned in the post my pores look much tighter. It also helps your skin regenerate quicker.

Mónica said...

qué envidia me das zorrón!!! jeje, no, en realidad sabes que no es así, estoy tan orgullosa de ti!!!!!! y ahora a por los exámenes a tope, si te arreglaste para París, que van a ser cuatro exámenes de "mierda", jeje

Anonymous said...

siii, que penita! estaba un poco mareada la verdad, tanta gente y cuando supe que eras tú, ya no te ví mas...! :-/

ahora que he puesto el careto en el blog,ya me reconocerás!

Tus fotos son preciosas!!! por favor cuelga alguna,

un beso!

srta a said...

Se nota que lo pasasteis muy bien! ya nos iras contando como va con el producto, si es tan bueno habrá que probarlo.

Un besito.

Flavor said...

Me gusta el titulo que me recuerde de Morrissey! Gracias!


Fashionista Diary said...

looks like a fantastic day in paris. how did you get the invite? do you work in fashion? xo

María said...

fashionistadiary: no, I don't work in fashion. It was a blogger event.

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