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Robert Frank

robert frank 2
robert frank

In June 1955, Robert Frank began a journey that changed photography forever.  His roadtrip crossing the States culminated with "The Americans", a book that transformed the idea the country had of itself. He portrayed the imperfections of a land that seemed inmaculate to the eyes of the world. The American dream seemed a nightmare at times: social inequalities or racism were very much present in a society that thought itself perfect.

En junio de 1955, Robert Frank emprendió un viaje que cambió para siempre la fotografía. Su  roadtrip por Estados Unidos culminó con  "The Americans", un libro que transformó la idea que los americanos tenían de sí mismos. En él, supo retratar las imperfecciones de un país inmaculado a los ojos del mundo.  El sueño americano era por momentos una pesadilla: las desigualdades sociales o el racismo estaban muy presentes en una sociedad que se creía perfecta.

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Friday, 28 January 2011

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Girls with Allure: La Mignonette

mignonette girls with allure
Define your style.
I would like to define my style as a mixture between discrete rock n’ roll tomboy meets 1960s easy chic.
When and why did you become interested in fashion?
My mother was definitely a big influence: she used to buy a lot of fashion magazines back when I was little and she always wore cool, beautiful clothes. Ever since I was a little girl, I had a big interest in fashion. 
mignonette girls with allure 4
Who/what influences your style the most?
Obscure 1960s garage rock bands, ye-ye girls (like singer Françoise Hardy or actresses such as Anna Karina and Mia Farrow), 1960s simplicity and minimalism, Sofia Coppola’s quiet imagery, French movies, Mick Jagger circa 1967, romantic movies like “Picnic at the Hanging Rock”, French  easy chic, architecture, movies, fashion magazines, books, and people on the street. Almost anything can supply a source of inspiration if we take a close look at it, but rock’n’roll ‘s visual culture is always a good supply of inspiration.
mignonette girls with allure 5
You'd never be caught in...
American Apparel latex leggings, loud colors, über sexy clothes and bad fabrics like polyester.
You can't live without... Perfume. And a nice face cream.
Your passion is...  Definitely fashion.
mignonette girls with allure 2
Which is, in your opinion, the best piece of clothing ever designed?
I believe Yves Saint Laurent take on tuxedo -Le Smoking-, marked a moment in fashion history when it comes to contemporary/utilitarian women’s wear design: it’s functional, sexy, timeless and chic.
Who are your favorite designers?
Phoebe Philo, Marc Jacobs, Isabel Marant, A.P.C., Chloé, Charles Anastase, Sonia Rykiel, Margaret Howell, Dries van Noten, Jil Sander, Joseph, Proenza Schouler (and Luella was pretty good too).
A book, a film and a song.
A book…"Christian Dior" by Françoise Giroud
A film…”Marie Antoinette”. Because it’s a visual treat. And because after its release, girls all over were wearing pink rosy cheeks like the Dauphine herself!
A song…The Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the devil"
mignonette girls with allure 3
What are your wardrobe staples?
An Isabel Marant blazer, black Repetto flats, black ankle boots, skinny black jeans, black opaque tights.
mignonette girls with allure 6
A fetish 
Currently vintage shoes, especially strappy ones; I’ve been looking for them on Etsy and on Ebay.
What does style means to you?
This question is quite deep and interesting if we take time to analyze it. Style represents a huge part of life: it’s a way to communicate with the outer world without resorting to words.It involves a process of combining all your influences and references (aesthetic, visual, artistic, musical, etc.) into one single mutable entity, resorting to clothes and accessories as elements of communication. 

Source: La Mignonette

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Jim Marshall


I believe that most music lovers want to be a bit like William the character in "Almost Famous" and follow a rock band. Jim Marshall did more than that. He was the chief photographer at Woodstock and the only one allowed to take backstage photos at The Beatles last concert. He portrayed the most intimate and human side of leyends such as Johnny Cash or Janis Joplin, but what really made him famous was a picture that has gone down in music history: Jimi Hendrix setting his guitare on fire. His photographs are indelible marks of a unique and never-to-be-repeated time.

jim marshall

Creo que en el fondo, a todos los que nos consideramos amantes de la música, nos gustaría ser un poco como el personaje de William en "Casi famosos" y seguir a una banda de rock. Jim Marshall hizo eso y mucho más. Entre sus logros está haber sido el fotógrafo oficial de Woodstock o ser el único con permiso para tomar fotos en el  backstage del último concierto de The Beatles. Consiguió retratar el lado más humano de leyendas como Johnny Cash o Janis Joplin, pero lo que le hizo realmente famoso fue una imagen que ha pasado a la historia de la música: Jimi Hendrix incendiando su guitarra. Sus fotografías son ya huellas imborrables de un tiempo irrepetible.

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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Ahoy sailor!

ahoy sailor
Breton stripes, to the delight of many, are still strong. The breton t-shirt was introduced in 1858, as a part of the French navy uniform. The distinctive pattern made fallen sailors more visible which forced seafairers all over the north of France to adopt the stripes as their working garment.

Las rayas marineras, para alegría de muchos, aún siguen muy presentes. En 1858, la camiseta de rayas fue introducida como parte del uniforme oficial de la marina francesa. Gracias a que permitía distinguir mejor a los hombres que caían al agua, pronto se convertiría también en el uniforme de trabajo de los marineros de la costa norte de Francia.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Candace Meyer

A warm misty light dominates Candace Meyer's pictures, giving her work an aura of mistery. Languid and delicate women of childish features are the lonely characters of bucolic scenes. Such details have earned her ethereal photos a place among magazines like Lula, providing a fresh, new and very needed air to fashion editorials.

Una luz neblinosa y cálida domina las fotografías de Candace Meyer,dotando su trabajo de un halo de misterio. Mujeres lánguidas de belleza infantil y delicada, son las solitarias protagonistas de escenas bucólicas.  Detalles como éstos han hecho que sus etéreas instantáneas se hayan ganado un lugar merecido en revistas como Lula, aportando un aire fresco, nuevo y muy necesario al editorial de moda. 
candace meyer 3
candace meyer
candace meyer 4
candace meyer 2

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Devendra Banhart for Oliver Peoples

Some might say Devendra Banhart is a sellout after watching this video, but I can only applaude the prostitution of folk artists. Pure eyecandy.

Algunos tacharán a Devendra Banhart de vendido después de ver este vídeo, pero yo sólo puedo aplaudir la "prostitución" de los artistas folk.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Robert Mapplethorpe

mapplethorpe 2
I finished reading Just Kids a couple of days ago and I was surprised at learning Robert Mapplethorpe rejected photography at first.Technical reasons prompted him to do it but he later discovered, thanks to the inmediacy of the Polaroid, a new way to channel his talent. He learnt about light taking pictures of flowers, an ability he later used with his favourite theme: nude.
mapplethorpe 3 
Terminé de leer Éramos unos niños hace unos días y me sorprendió descubrir que Robert Mapplethorpe rechazó la fotografía durante cierto tiempo. Fueron sobre todo razones técnicas las que le impulsaron a rehusar la fotografía, pero gracias a la inmediatez de la Polaroid descubrió una nueva manera de canalizar su talento. Fue fotografiando flores como consiguió dominar la luz, capacidad que luego trasladaría a su tema preferido: el desnudo.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Micah P. Hinson

The perfect end to a mediocre Three Kings Eve was watching Micah P. Hinson play. Even though I left with mixed feelings, I can say I liked it overall. The setlist included a good dose of his new album such as: Take off that Dress for me, 2s and 3s and some classics like Diggin' a grave, Beneath the Rose or Yard of Blonde Girls. The cherry on top was a great cover of Don't you forget that I still can't get out of my mind. 

El cierre perfecto a un día de reyes mediocre fue Micah P. Hinson, que ayer presentaba su disco en Gijón.  Aunque me produjo sentimientos encontrados, en general, puedo decir que me gustó. El repertorio incluyó una buena dosis de su nuevo trabajo como Take off that Dress for me, 2s and 3s a las que se unieron temas ya clásicos como Diggin' a grave, Beneath the Rose o Yard of Blonde Girls. El broche final lo puso una gran versión de Don't you forget que aún sigo sin poder sacarme de la cabeza.


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Sunday, 2 January 2011

William Klein

Fashion photography wouldn't be the same without William Klein and yet he admits he hates that world. That is one of the confessions he makes in this sincere interview in which he also talks about his relationship with people such as Fellini or the unconditional love he felt for his wife. He also explains his style was born out of necessity, or as he later says, from the lack of resources. All in all, a historic document that you can't miss.

La fotografía de moda no sería lo mismo sin William Klein y sin embargo, el mismo reconoce odiar ese mundo. Esa es una de sus las confesiones que hace en ésta entrevista tan sincera en la que también habla de sus relaciones con gente como Fellini o del amor incondicional que sentía hacia su mujer.  Cuenta también como su estilo surgió de la necesidad, o más bien como él  mismo explica luego, de la escasez de recursos. En definitiva, un documento histórico que no podeís dejar de ver.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

And the winner is...

giveaway winner
That is Simona. Thank you everyone who took the time to leave a comment and enter the giveaway.
Esa es Simona. Gracias a todos los que habeís participado.
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