Monday, 20 August 2007

Hats II

This is the second time I talk about hats (see the first here). But I have a good excuse; Norma Kamali stocks a wide collection of awesome vintage hats. Surprinsingly, I never wear hats. I am not confident enough to use them.

How do you feel towards hats?

Song: The Smiths - Ask


Andrea Martínez said...

You know? Just this year I'm starting to wear hats, all kind of hats, and before I used to be so scared of what people have to say and all, but I realize how cool can be an outfit with a Bonnie Parker twist...You just have to be yourself

Annie said...

I always think hats look soo cute on people but i'm never brave enough to actually wear them myself. They always seem to look weird on me; i can never position my beret quite right. lol. I buy lots of cute hats but never wear them.

I loved the first 3 hats in this post.

BTW: I love your blog's song!

Jennifer said...

love hats. featured my new one in my post yesterday.
they completely take an outfit up a notch. they are pretty tricky to incorporate, but when done well, they make a 100% difference.

Kat said...

Those hats are amazing! The last one reminds me of one of Audrey's in Tiffany's.
I love your blog at the moment:-)
Great song choice too.

Héloïse J. said...

i feel quite stupid with a hat on!i do love them and makes me jealous when seing other women wearing hats like they were born with it!i have only one-and i believe it's the only one in the world that suits me!

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