Thursday, 31 May 2007


Talla Cuarenta urged me to do a list of 8 things about me. I should do the same with another 8 bloggers, but don't worry,I am not going to. But obviously you are free to play if you want.

1.-My favourite flower is Lilac.

2.-Music is my other passion.My favourite song is called "Last Goodbye". I adore Morrissey and I am a punky at heart.

3.-I am very very very shy.

4.-I am fan of British humour: everything from Monty Python's, A bit of Fry and Laurie, Little Britain, etc...My humour is very absurd and silly.

5.-I have just asked a friend to define me, and she said that I am very curious, in her own words, I have a thirst for knowledge.

6.- My hair is very long. But I am planning to try a Bob haircut.

7.-I live in a small village near the north-west coast of Spain. It is so ugly, grey and depressive. It's full of factories, I call it the small Manchester.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Your blog is great ! Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog ?

- said...

have you been in manchester? It´s depressing...
but I like the north-west of Spain... I really enjoy vacationing there.

but I have to tell you that I´m not a very sunny person...haha

Julia Sanz said...

joooooo ya siento lo del jueguito en serio.....pero en realidad no se hasta qué punto se pueden romper las reglas de los bloggers....ayssss....en fin mujé, pues que sepas q m ha encantado leer tu MEME, y bueno decirte q te arrepentiras de tu corte bob, tanto si te lo haces como si no. Así que mejor arrepentirse de lo q se ha hexo q de lo q no, nop? ad+ el pelo crece..........Y q me recuerdas muxiiisimo a una amiga q yo tenia q se llamaba adelina(just in case youre the one in the picture, of course).
Y en cuanto al north west...mejor cerca del mar q en este infierno de ciudad, creeme.
un beso grande, chica tímida.

Julia Sanz said...

mmmmmm...qué super cagada, y asi decia yo todo el rato esta chica me suena muchiiiisimo...jeje

mujer q no pasa ná en serio, si a mi m pasó lo mismito con la nominacion de las q a mi no m gusta hacer las cosas porq sí sabes? en cuanto existe obligac me entra la desidia.....así q t entiendo perfessstamte

bsooo said...

Hey did you ever get your hair cut then?

María said...

No, I haven't get it cut yet. I'll do it in the winter. I've already told my hairdresser :P

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