Thursday, 31 May 2007

Mon amour!

Following Le Portillon example, I am writing about one of my favourite shops: Mona Moore.

If you are a fan of Azzedine Alaïa, Lanvin, Marni or Balenciaga shoes and accessories, then Mona Moore is your shop.

A few things I like:

Azzedine Alaïa suede flats

Marni clutch

Pierre Hardy sandals

Lanvin flats.


Madelene said...

Mona Moore has the best selection of things I love but can't afford. I check that site every season. The Alaia shoes are the loveliest things!

Julia Sanz said...

mmmm...qué buenisima pinta tieneeeeee..........oye wapa y by the way: lo sieeeeento, pero ta tocao, te he nominao al jueguito puñetero ese, el MEME, es m da pena romper la cadeeena! Echale un vistazo a mi blog y te enteraras de lo q te digo.
pd- otra vez perdon al cuadrado

Unknown said...

uyy las flats negras estan increibles!!

yo tengo un amigo de 26 años q todavia prefiere ver al chapulin colorado q cualquier otra cosa. jejeje

Char Ruiz Manjarrez said...

Those Azzedine Alaïa flats are to die for!! Great find darlign!


Mash said...

omg I love the marni clutch ! I try to imagine me with it (ah dreamssss) but the reality is not like that unfortunately :(

Anonymous said...

Oh, those flats are darling. I've never heard of the site--thanks for mentioning it.

Diana Coronado said...

Aahh i love flats

The golden ones!!

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