Saturday, 5 May 2007

Sister Act: a cognitive analysis of second lines.

Fashion designers creating "affordable" second lines:

The prices aren't justified at all: the quality isn't very good and the clothes are hideous.

375€ via net-a-porter

Dress, 530€ .

85€, it doesn't worth it!


Defined by her designer as "effortlessly stylish but never trend-led". It is really good for basics.

190€ via La Garconne
150€ via Net-a-porter


I am losing my faith in Alexander McQueen. The clothes are very expensive, and I don't like them. Definitely the worst second line.

$825 via Shopbop

$340 via Shopbop


I fell in love with Sonia Rykiel clothes watching the last season of Sex and the City.

360€ Matches

170€ via Matches

Striped cardigan 214€


Everything is so pretty that you forget to look the high prices.

560€ Net-a-porter

950€ via Net-a-porter

Attaining value for money: Paul&Joe Sister and See by Chloé .

Paul&Joe sister via urbanoutfitters

See by Chloé pullover 290€ via Azalea.

See by Chloé dress, 330€ via Matches.

See by Chloé t-shirt, 60€ via LuisaViaRoma

See by Chloé 150€ via Azalea.


It's in my opinion the best second line by far, a bit pricey though.


alluretone said...

they're all still very pricy, but my favorite one would have to be miumiu. my least favorite is mcQ, it's just really bad. and i can't believe some genius at marc by marc jacobs thought that 'yes' shirt would actually sell for 85 euros... maybe it did but w/e.

Mash said...

I don't like Marc by Marc Jacobs , it's really ...unattractive . I think McQueen's second line is a little bit too expensive . My two favourites second lines are Paul&Joe sister and See by Chloé. How much does the Paul&Joe sister shirt cost ?

María said...

mash: The shirt costs 190€.

discotheque confusion said...

Great post.

I always find the whole diffusion line thing a bit of a scam too.

As much as I love Marc Jacobs things, the Marc by Marc J lines seem to take the piss rather a lot. That "Yes" tee is so boring and it seems that somebody would buy it just for the sake of the designer.

Some of the See by Chloe is really good though. Theres a shop near to me which stocks it and its lovely.

I like Good Vibrations purely because its so summery and we have a couple of their albums at home, but I don't really know them that well. You a fan?

Great post!

S xx

Ella Gregory said...

i adore MIU MIU i want all there stuff
i even prefer it to prada
im not keen on alexander mcqueens cheaper line though
those clowns just scare me

Meg said...

The Miu Miu bag is truly covetable. I love the mottled leather.

Julia Sanz said...

me ha encantado tu blog! totalmente cierto the second lines thing. Too xpensive for lower quality. Still...I can forgive everything to CHloé...even a second line!!!

thanks for your visit ;)

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