Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Yesterday, my Vogue-Paris arrived, along with controversy. The cause was the pic on the left.

My sister was flipping through the magazine, saw that photo and said: "oh! that dress is hideous". I agree the frock is not wearable at all, but the silhouette is, at least, original and artistic.

She argued that in a survey the 99% of people would say the dress is horrible. Which in my opinion is a ridiculous argument; just because everyone believes it does not make it true.

Anyway, the real question is: Do you see a CLEAR difference between the criteria of those who have a deep interest in fashion and those who doesn't?

Song: Déjame - Los Secretos


Mónica said...

I think sometimes the line between the opinion of those who are fashionistas and those you are not interested is too thin. I really love the skirt, despite I think is not wearable... but I won't never say a design is hideous, just when they are trying something new, because at the end, the ones who are remembered (Balenciaga, Dior) are those who change something.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Absolutely. Many first view clothes as practical. On the other hand, I would buy a dress (even if I would never wear it) only because it is beautiful. I love that dess from Paris Vogue. I think the shape is lovely.....but those that think of clothes in terms of practicality might think: "Why and where would anybody wear a thing like that". I think people that love fashion are lovers of beauty.....and not only in a conventional way. Dreamers. Sorry about spelling mistakes! English is not my first language! :P I love your blog!!! *wub* I found it from your link on tfs and bookmarked it. I check it everyday! xo sophie

Anonymous said...

There is definitely a marked difference.

I've found that those that are not actively interested in fashion tend to be that bit more critical of clothes, judging many designs in the blink of an eye without attempting to appreciate in any shape or form.

Again, I think, it's to do with education. Those that are educated regarding a particular subject are that bit more capable of appreciating/critiquing.

Laia said...

EXACTLY, as long as just because you keep saying a lie doesn't make it a true.
And about the criteria there is a huge difference, it is not a well-founded opinion but a groundless piece of mind.
If you don't know about politics or science you might have a personal opinion as valid as anyone elses in a particular context but not as an universal value judgment.
Y sorry por mi inglés, que es radicalmente fatal (seguro que me he explicado mal).

María said...

Thank you Sophie! I appreciatte that a lot. And don't worry, your English is perfect -as well as yours aka scrunchie girl-. It isn't my mother language either and I completely understand your dificulties.

Carolina Lange said...

I would not really wear the skirt, but I think it is really beautiful, and the photo makes it even more!
Thanks for the tip about my commento on the Sartorialist!

Victor Castro said...

oh yeah... day AAAND night difference. same goes for people who do not open to other music and art. they are blinded by "going with the flow".

big smile... Los Secretos!!!!!! LOVEM'... you killin' me with your music selections! admiring you collage

here is to opening (maybe sometimes changing) closed minded points of views... viva balenciaga, viva morrissey y viva allure!

María said...

V*Kstro: a SUPER BIGGGGGGGG thank you! ;)

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

There is a HUGE difference. This reminds me of a post a did awhile back when some girl said that fashion is "wrong" if it doesn't catch on. I argue that there is no wrong in fashion and being popular is certainly not a judge of rightness. That dress is gorgeous, I would probably not wear it, but like haute couture is meant to be art, I would hang a picture of it on my wall.

cotton candy said...

ditto with the clothes horse. that was what i wanted to exactly say as well. ^^ i guess people judge fashion according to their tastes and we cannot judge them on that i guess?? i guess that is why fashion is such a controversial and yet fascinating thing.

avin torres said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. what may be beautiful for one, may not be for the other. in this, i personally like the dress because of it's uniqueness. what is different makes us stand out. it's uniqueness is on the pretty side. i find the dress girly.

- said...

YES. most of the ppl when you start talking deeply about fashion see you as a alien,or sth similar. sth weird who is interested in weird things, things that are normally consider usuless, meaningless, and materialistic...they can not see what it´s behind, they can not appreciate the artistic side of fashion. they just think in fashion in terms of a retail industry made for high-spenders who doesnt have anything else in life that have fun wearing and creaitng outfits like if they were playing with dolls.

Alice Olive said...

There's definitely a difference. To generalise, some people wear clothes so they're not naked, some people wear certain clothes because they're considered 'in' by stores and some magazines and some people deliberately choose clothes to wear as an expression of their personality and perhaps an alignment with the artist who designed them.

Fashion is art we live in. Does it get much better? And it's subjective because we are all drawn to different designs, colours, fabrics etc. That also means no one opinion is right or wrong. I agree, just because something is not immediately practical doesn't mean it should be 'thrown out'.

Oh, and PS, I love the dress!!

Bojana said...

There is definitely a difference between what someone who KNOWS fashion thinks, and someone who WEARS it.

Like my friend, who says she's interested in fashion while she actually just enjoys shopping. h&m is not fashion.

discotheque confusion said...

Who exactly conducted the survey?
This is clearly an absolutely amazing piece of clothing and whoever can't see that obviously doesn't have an ounce of style! (Okayyy, I guess people are allowed to have their opinions...) but I just love it so much, and the picture is lovely.


PS, you're on my november best reads list, by the way. loving your blog so much at the moment.

WendyB said...

Some people (not all) who have a very deep interest in fashion are more willing to take risks with new silhouettes, colors, etc. People who are not interested at all do not want to call attention to themselves. Of course, I've met many people in fashion who are scared to have an opinion unless Anna Wintour tells them what it is. I think fashion has a reputation for being much more avant-garde than it is. But there are always the individuals who really go their own way. Without them, nothing would change, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Actually i luv the dress.
Totally agree just bc of sb hates it not means it is not cutie or beautiful at all.

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