Saturday, 6 October 2007

No editions

Many designers are looking for innovation taking into account the nature of human psyche. Instead of altering the way we dress...but that's another issue.
Christian Niessen and Nicole Lachelle are giving us the illusion of exclusivity with their new line: No Editions. Each piece is unique, digitally printed and has an identification code.

"no editions originated in a search to produce unique , individual print designs on a variety of garments , from every-day clothing , T-shirts and jeans to silk evening dresses. .... to create single , individually crafted pieces but with the possibility for an industrialized production"

They claim, the differences between patterns are not computerized, but established on their own artistic criteria.

Song: Wake up- Arcade Fire


Héloïse J. said...

mmm interesting. but in any way, i don't know.. who cares? it won't make me feel different the exclusivity of the cut.. and of course clothing is some kind of declaration, the way i want to look (to both me and you) but this concept is a little absurd no?

cotton candy said...

wow. i think that's pretty amazing by having each piece unique so you know you won't be wearing the same piece as anybody else (which a girl dreads, esp when it comes to balls and formals). lol. but i have to say, those prints/dresses ain't that very pretty??...(o'.'o)

btw, wake up by the arcade fire is a hot song!

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