Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Species by the thousands

species by the thousands

With such an appealing title as 'cave', is easy to assume where Erica's inspiration for her latest Species by the thousands' collection came from. Going back to the most pure primitivism, she goes into the cavern and, as in Plato's myth, approaches the world of the sense which she captures in a bunch of pieces executed with great taste.

Con un título tan sugerente como 'cave', es fácil decudir en que se ha inspirado Erica a la hora de diseñar su última colección para Species by the thousands. Retrayéndose al primitivismo más puro, se introduce en la caverna y como en el mito de Platón, se acerca al mundo de lo sensible y lo plasma en unas piezas ejecutadas con gran gusto.

1 comment:

Madelene said...

Lovely designs! I love anything gold and delicate when it comes to jewelry, though :)

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