Sunday, 25 October 2009

Heroes: Cristóbal Balenciaga

"A couturier must be:
An architect for design,
a sculptor for safe,
a painter for colour,
a musician for harmony,
and a philosopher for temperence."

"Un modisto debe ser:
Arquitecto para las líneas,
escultor para la forma,
pintor para el color,
músico para la armonía,
y filósofo para la medida."

By the way, the Balenciaga museum project is back on track and the director Oskar Tejedor is preparing a documentary about the figure of the designer that will include interviews with such important people as Emanuel Ungaro, Courrèges, Hubert de Givenchy or Juan Mari Emilas, the creator's right hand.

Por cierto, el proyecto del museo Balenciaga ya está en marcha de nuevo y además el director Oskar Tejedor está preparando un documental sobre la figura del modisto que contará con testimonios tan importantes como los de Emanuel Ungaro, Courrèges, Hubert de Givenchy o Juan Mari Emilas, mano derecha del creador.


joanne said...

philosopher for temperance... such a great line!

Flora Márquez said...

Buenisimo lo del museo! El proyecto parece bastante lindo.. Ojalá algun dia pueda visitarlo!

Suze said...

oeh lovely!

Rohini said...

Awesome! :)


Siru said...

Fashion shows have changed a bit from those times! But I have to say I'm more of an Chanle girl.

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

I want to wear that second outfit everyday. What a dream it would've been to have seen one of those shows back then!

Marian said...

That second outfit is amazing! yummy post

meraldia said...

Balenciaga is the epitome of style!

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