Thursday, 6 December 2007

Muchachada Nui

Muchachada Nui is a comedy sketch show with the most surrealistic humour you will ever see. There is a section called Celebrities where each week, Joaquín Reyes impersonates a famous character: from Uri Geller in a hardware store, to Courtney Love, Macaulay Culkin, Bono, Mahmud Ahmadineyad or Paris Hilton.

A few weeks ago, John Galliano was featured. Even if you don't speak a word of Spanish you should watch the clip a bit, because the resemblance is hilarious.

In the final sketch John Galliano begs Doraemon to stay young forever while his portrait would feel the effects of time and life. The end was a little bit different from The Picture of Dorian Gray, though.

Karl Lagerfeld sketch.

The problem is they have a small audience following them and the show might not be aired anymore. So please, if you have access to the Spanish channel 2, watch them every Wednesday at 11:30 p.m.


Celia Marco (Shoe Maker) said...

Viva Muchachada Nui (Nui!).
Gran blog!

Ella Gregory said...

the first one is funny
but sadly i dont really understand it

Tinsley said...

Haha I didn't understand a word of that but it was still hilarious!

great blog

gilda said...

oh my god i died.

Anonymous said...

The best of Enjuto Mojamuto:
El peor día de mi vida

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