Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Chunky knits

3.1 Phillip Lim

Chunky knits are a feminine and wearable way to stay warm during the long and cold winter. They match everything, from a pair of pants, skirts or even dresses. The only rule is wear them during the day, the rest is up to you. If my mum finally teach me how to knit some of this days, I will do a cable cardigan and a pair of purple mittens.


Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

The new queen of knits: Sandra Backlund . I would die for one of her pieces.

Obsessed with: In my arms - Rufus Wainwright


Céline Messager said...

pretty clothes!!

i love the balenciaga outfit!

come on my blog too!!
kiss to you

- said...

j`adore balenciaga but sandra buckland is must-have for me!! I just love her!!! she is doing a mazing job!

Ella Gregory said...

all of these knits look so amazing
i would wear all of them happily

Char Ruiz Manjarrez said...

They look so chic! Love the Balenciaga and Nina Ricci ones!


discotheque confusion said...

I love this look so much! The philip lim in particular. I love the thought of it paired with a soft, flimsy dress and opaques during the daytime. It just makes me feel all excited about the prospect of winter.

and rosy cheeks and scarves (but shh, don't mention the chapped lips!)

Yeah, I had one of those scarves too, but it was because my step-aunt (whose husband is from Iraq) bought me one back from holiay a few years ago, so when I started noticing them on the street, I digged it out of cupboard, feeling smug that it was "authentic"! But its now gone back in, as they are simply everywhere I go now!

So what was your political reason?

S xx

Gloria said...

love the big-bowed one!

Anonymous said...

ah, lovely! thank you so much for adding me... your blog is just delightful.
: )

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