Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Cocotte Couture

A few months ago and thanks to Robot-Walk, I discovered Cocotte Couture.

Who better than the author to describe her own work:

"Cocotte is a label based on the idea of a creative, independent, romantic woman with natural elegance and a strong sense of humor. It combines feminine, comfortable, wearable clothes with flattering, graceful silhouettes and unusual, precious details. Each cloth is unique and home-made with delicacy and love!"

I wouldn't describe it better. The clothes are so pretty and feminin. Just have a look.

I ordered this beautiful pink top.

Photos: Sara Coe


Laura Emily Dunn said...

some real cute pieces, i love the black dress.

Susana Rodrigues said...

Hi Allure!!
it's funny because for years i (and most people)didn't like the mixture of brown/black and blue/black colours (it was like a tabu).
But thx god nowadays we like that mixture (at least i know i do). All this to say that in the second picture that blue and black combination is amazing, i adore it.
the clothes are really lovely. the first blouse is adorable and the dark blue short dress is something i could def. buy :)

Ella Gregory said...

wow i am instantly in love with it
especially that black dress it is sooooo cute
great find

Diana Coronado said...

Love all the clothes here

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous & love that indigo blue.

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