Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Glam Rock, welcome back!

If anybody asked me which is the most popular trend right now, I would answer latex, PVC or lamé leggings.

But, where did the trend come from? Magazine editors claim that is inspired by the image of Dominatrix, while I am inclined towards Glam Rock.

An extract about Glitter Rock from Wikipedia:

"Performers distinguished themselves from the denim-clad hippie-hordes with sci-fi/Hollywood glamour/ambisexual-inspired costumes, which were perceived as glamorous by the press".

New York Dolls

Iggy Pop

What do you think about this trend? Do we all want to be glitter kids ?

Don't forget to turn on your loudspeakers, because from now on I'll try to connect each post with a song.

Today's song: Lust for life- Iggy Pop.


Ella Gregory said...

it is a secret dream of mine to wear pvc trousers one time in my life
i think they are sooooo cool
not practical though

Léonie Mizée said...

Thanks allure
Your blog is great too! (especially the music! =D)

I'm glad you share my opinion about the tan boots!!

And thanks!
Have a nice day, x Léonie

Mash said...

you've been tagged , come to see my blog for the rules :)

Héloïse J. said...

why not? it is pretty cool indeed and funny! i'm trying to imagine young women (hope not and men too!) running errands glittering all over. a pair of black glasses for me please!

Susana Rodrigues said...

I agree with you allure, i also think it's glam rock def. :)
i couldn't wear those, i bet i would look ridiculous, but i actually find them cool and love to see those on rockers.
Did you see the photos of Kate Moss in this year's Glastonbury Festival, she was wearing ones :)
She is into all this rock star chick look right now and i guess they look cool on her!
great post :)

Anonymous said...

oh come on, it's fun! you can add bits of it, without having to commit.

but only if you really want to.

Ariana | Paris To Go said...

I wish they'd bring back stirrup tights

mahret said...

i love them and i wear them. latex and lamé preferred...

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