Saturday, 7 April 2007

The Substitute

I think I never mentioned in here before that I am against fur trade. I don't like when people wear it, I find it completely unnecessary and cruel.
But I must confess I love the "rock-chic" effect of leather jackets.
So, what is first: integrity or fashion? Well I don't know about you, but in my case, integrity always wins the battle. And I never wear fur.
The purpose of this moral digression (a bit boring, I know) is to tell that I find a solution to my problem. The substitute is the Proenza Schouler jacket Kirsten is wearing. The same effect without being a savage.
"Heifer whines could be human cries
Closer comes the screaming knife
This beautiful creature must die
This beautiful creature must die
A death for no reason
And death for no reason is MURDER"
"Meat is murder" The Smiths.


-ciao bella- said...

I love leather jackets- I recently lost mine and I'm in the market for another one :-( xx

Anonymous said...

When I was at H&M, there was this leather jacket and there was this Polyester jacket and I let myself choose between them. Kirsten does manage to look SOO SOO cool in this jacket, it has the same effect as a leather jacket yes! but for me I had to buy the leather one. haha but in the end they both are Polyester but the leather is such a nice fake one but does not stink (like I think real leather often does) - so hands up for the fakey!!! People wearing real animals on their head with their tails hanging it's soo >< creeeepyy

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