Sunday, 8 April 2007

Essential pieces for a woman's wardrobe

One of my resolutions for this year is to purchase good basics. The key is to find cloths of the best quality shaped in classic cuts. In this case, I better avoid temporary trends, because I need garments that pass the test of time.

LBD.- We should be eternally grateful to Coco Chanel for things like this.

White poplin shirt. I need something original, my choice is Dior Homme.

Black coat. I regard this as an investment. A good coat can last ages.

Jeans. The range is endless, but this time I'll give A.P.C. a try.
Trench. It must be Burberry.

White tees. In every possible cut. My favourites are from: The Row, Mark and Estel, and Etoile Isabel Marant.

A black suit. Considering I'm still pretty young for a suit, I have to wait some time before buying it.
Cashmere cardigans. They are so warm and comfortable, I would never take them of.

Black skirt. A black high-waisted skirt is my choice, but if you want a classic cut, go for a pencil skirt.

Finally, I couldn't resist adding a striped t-shirt. It's not a basic piece, but it ages very well.


Anonymous said...

I love all of those pieces. I'm in the process of making my closet "perfect", and I've resently aquired a lot of pieces like the ones you posted. I have a Burberry trench that I hardly ever wear, I actually prefer my H&M trench...funny. My favorite basic piece would be cashmere cardigans though, I have one black and one grey and I adore them! They go with everything.

Anonymous said...

I really like that Chloe coat. Classic but still very pretty.

Anonymous said...

'I ve been addicted to gray cardigans since high school': that s not me, it s from Chloé Sevigny in Self Service :) that s what your post make me think about.

Anonymous said...

Oh I think the black pants should really more be of a classic cut - more business suit cut, because after all, it has to be a timeless basic.
A great coat is one of the best investments one could do in my humble opinion. In winter i.e. it's the only piece people can see of your outfit anyways thus a great super cool coat is def a must have!
nice post! :)

Anonymous said...

where is that first tank top from? i must know! :)

María said...

^Alexander Wang

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