Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Kate Moss for Topshop

As we all know Kate Moss didn't draw the collection, but she took some pieces from her wardrobe to inspire the designers. What follows are similarities I found out.


alluretone said...

i like the last look the best.

Ella Gregory said...

the third dress is very very pretty. but the dress you linked it too is what started the hole vintage craze so it would be pretty special.

discotheque confusion said...

clever spots!

I agree with coco, I'v always loved that yellow dress. The one from her collection remind me of Sophia K.

S xx

Bobble Bee said...

Nice research!!
My favourite outfit is the red top + short bobble jeans + gladiator sandals!

& thanks for your words towards my blog ^_+

Anonymous said...

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