Thursday, 18 August 2011


hallelu collage 2 borde

hallelu collage borde

Hallelu is a North Carolina shop that hides a heartwarming story from a natural born entrepreneur and her partner in life. It's such a pity I've just discovered it now that we're approaching fall; their cozy and easy pieces are perfect for summertime. But I content myself thinking there's little time left to see what awaits for next season.

Hallelu es una tienda norcarolinense que esconde la conmovedora historia de una empresaria nata y su pareja en la vida. Me ha dado rabia descubrirla justo ahora que se acerca el otoño porque sus piezas sencillas y agradables son perfectas para el verano. Pero me conforma pensar que ya queda menos para ver que nos depara la próxima temporada.


SC said...

J'adore this brand. J'ADOOOOORE!

Look at these white lace shorts!


dos en la pasarela said...

me ha encantado el vestido de lunares!!!!


Ashley said...

I love the first dress, and I think the best part of any season is dreaming of all of the great clothes to wear in other seasons! xx

yanqin said...

I love the patterned shorts on the bottom right. I never seem to see shorts this cute when I'm shopping for them!

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