Monday, 1 August 2011

Girls with Allure:Chouchou


Define your style.
I would like to define my style as minimalistic and simple. I love plain and clean items of clothing.

When and why did you become interested in fashion?
I think it started in a very unconscious way when I was a little girl. My love for clothes and fashion only grew and grew with the years.


What kind of things inspire you while getting dressed?
I’m inspired by anything really…I get a lot of ideas from streetstyle, runway collections, celebrities and other fashion bloggers.

You'd never be caught in...
Wide leg pants! Not very charming when you have short legs. 


You can't live without...
I don’t have ONE item in particular. But I have to say I love my black Cheap Monday skinny jeans and Isabel Marant dicker boots though.

Your passions are...
Fashion, blogging and food.


What are your favourite beauty/make-up products? 

I love make-up and beauty products. They are as essential as clothes. In fact, I have a very dry and sensitive skin, so I try to moisturize my skin every chance I get. For the face, products from Kiehls to wash and to treat are perfect. For make-up, I don’t like to have more than I need. So I keep it simple: concealer, foundation, black eye pencil, mascara, bronzer and lipstick.

chouchou skincare

Who are your favourite designers?
A.P.C., Acne, Isabel Marant (Etoile) and Vanessa Bruno.

A book, a film and a song.
Book: I would recommend "Two Lipsticks and a Lover" by Helena Frith Powell. It is a book about the secrets of French girls style. The Parisian woman is so classy and inspiring for me and the book reveals it all!

Film: Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain. Also worth it because of the amazing music!

Song: Adele – Someone like you. Sad song, but I love it so much! Brings back good memories with love.


What are your wardrobe essentials? A good black bag, a good pair of shoes and black skinny jeans.

A fetish.
At the moment jackets and blazers. Whenever I see a gorgeous one I just have to try it on! 

What does style means to you? I see style as art, business, a reflection of culture, society and history, but most importantly, self-expression.

Thanks to Robine for her answers and pictures.


PiruletadeGato said...

Me encanta su estilo, tan calmado y chic :)

Anonymous said...

Usually I really like your picks for girls with allure, but this particular blogger has copied word for word some of the posts of the blogs 'her ribbons and her bows', 'blushing ambition', 'deadfleurette', 'miss moll cherie' and those are just the ones I have noticed.. you probably didn't now though. Plagiarism is not very chic

María said...

Anonymous: I don't follow all those blogs you mentioned and I don't know if the plagiarism charge is true or not. But honestly, you can't accuse someone of such a thing without giving your name. At least, you need to prove what you said.

Petitebine said...

Thank you so much for this feature María!
I really like it how it turned out :)

About the anonymous comment above:
I can understand that you might think that I copied some words of those blogs. Because Dead-Fleurette and Miss Moll Cherie are huge dressing inspirations for me and I visit those blogs on a daily basis... To be exactly: the idea of the beauty and the white/blue shirt post came from those two blogs, I don’t deny that. But sometimes I find it very hard to explain things when writing in English, so that time I ‘used’ those posts as a ‘inspiration’ for my own. Just for the simple reason that they are explaining it so well! So it can be true that there are some copied sentences in those posts. But definitely not everything, I will never do that! I really practice on my English, so I hope it will go easier and easier for me in the future. I was unaware of any wrongdoing! But thanks for letting me know that you find this annoying. PS: I think it will be very ‘chic’ to post a comment with your real name instead of commenting as a anonymous ;-)

Trish said...

You look amazing.. Love your outfit especially your shoes.. :)

More hugs,
Trish @ The Flip Flops

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