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Peter Henry Emerson

henry emerson
peter henry emerson
henry emerson
During the last part of the nineteenth century, when photography wasn't even considered an art form, Peter Henry Emerson was able to develop his own language.Unlike his colleagues, he began to portrait typical scenes, focusing on country life. His innate composition talent makes his work incredibly mature for that time period, showing the harshness and solitude of farm labours. All in all, it's a document of inestimable value.

A finales del siglo diecinueve, cuando la fotografía ni siquiera era considerada un arte, Peter Henry Emerson fue capaz de desarrollar un lenguaje propio. Al contrario que sus colegas, él comenzó a retratar escenas costumbristas, centrándose sobre todo en las labores del campo. La madurez de su trabajo, producto de un talento natural para la composición, muestra la dureza y la soledad de las tareas labriegas. El conjunto constituye un documento de valor incalculable.



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These are really beautiful!

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Unknown said...

Am a newbie in Photography and would say Peter Henry stands as an example for may photographers. I would like to research and hope i find some books of this! million thanks for sharing this with me!!

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