Saturday, 22 August 2009

Age of Enlightenment










Elle US september issue.
Stylist: Camille Bidault-Waddington
Photographer: Lina Scheynius

When masters get to work together they are able to offer great things,like this editorial.

Cuando los maestros tienen oportunidad de trabajar juntos son capaces de brindarnos grandes cosas, como este editorial.


Kimberley Brandsma said...

Lina is one of my favourite photographers!<3

Kimberley Brandsma said...

I tagged you btw!;)

julia. said...

oh! both linda and elsa, like the cuper combination:D it was all too long a visited your blog. i have missed it!

jessica said...

how beautiful!
lina is so top notch and the model is just beautiful.
thanks for sharing!


CC said...

Love the photos. :)


Tamara said...

Precioso, Allure! Hasta me han entrado un poco de ganas de que llegue el otoño y eso, no es nada fácil! ;)

Javier de Juanas said...

Unas fotos super frescas y limpaias, me encanta el editorial

Sally said...

I love this model. And her strong eyebrows. The whole shoot is so dream-like and pretty.

Maria said...

I can't believe these are from US ELLE. Is this real life? Isn't it the magazine that puts....Miley Curys on the cover????????????

Elen said...

the mood in these are amazing, you can't really figure it out, if it's tranquil, scary or just relaxed.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I love this. I just got the Elle it's in and that pic of the stacked gold bracelets and long sleeve white dress is my favorite. So dreamy.

Nina - Braids and bows said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful post, beautiful blog...

Anonymous said...

Good one on enlightenment and it helps a lot.

Karim - Mind Power

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