Thursday, 28 May 2009


After several weeks of rain this morning the day dawned clear, so I decided to take out of the drawer my sunglasses. I opened it and they weren't there.
I looked for them in all of my bags and nothing.
I turned my room upside down with no luck.
Muuuuum, have you seen my sunglasses? No.
In short, I lost my beloved Ray-Ban aviators snif, snif.
The bright side of it is that I have a good excuse to buy a new pair of sunglasses, and here are the possibilites...

Después de varias semanas de lluvia hoy el día amaneció despejado, así que decidí que era hora de sacar mis gafas de sol del cajón. Lo abro y no están.
Busco en todos mis bolsos y tampoco.
Pongo la habitación patas y arriba y nada.
Mamáaaaaaaaaa, ¿viste mis gafas de sol? No.
Resumiendo, he perdido mis Ray-Ban aviators snif, snif.
Mirándolo por el lado positivo, ahora ya tengo una buena excusa para comprarme otras gafas, y he aquí mis posibilidades...



New Wayfarer




Karen Walker

Which ones do you prefer? / ¿Cuáles os gustan más?


cuteseas said...

im digging the apcs

Madelene said...

I like all of these.. tough choice! So I say: get the ones that fit your face the best :) A great fit almost always wins over coolness..

Heart in a cage said...

Hmmm difficult.. I think I like the ones from APC and Ray Ban. But they're all really cool!

boubou said...

my favorite are the last one ; no hesitation :))

Dream Sequins said...

I didn't lose my glasses, but I AM in desperate search for some new sunglasses that are not black. I love the Karen Walkers and the Persols. Oooh. Choices choices. :)

Anonymous said...

Karen Walker!!! Otherwise, try and see which suits you best, nothing beats that!

Anonymous said...

me encantarían las segundas en color negro!

Stephanie Clayton said...

All of them are cool! I say get the ones which fit your face and coloring best.
From the pics, I'm most partial to the new light colored Ray Bans...must check those out next time I'm stateside.

amatrice said...


Rollergirl said...

Love them all. God, there is nothing worse than losing sunglasses, especially when you KNOW they are somewhere but...WHERE???!!!

Carlene said...

I love the Karen Walkers, because I'm in a semi enormous yet square frame kind of mood.

I currently have only the Ray-Ban aviators. Sorry about yours.

Anonymous said...

oh no! my friend dropped his vintage ray bans on the weekend and broke a lense - it must be spreading!

bee said...

i'm really into persol frames- the detail on the bridge is so cute. but i also like the wayfarers you wound up with!

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