Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Deep In Vogue

The beautiful Vera from Deep In Vogue has agreed to answer some questions I made her about her designs (for sale on etsy) and her future brand. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did.

La preciosa Vera de Deep in Vogue, ha aceptado a responder unas preguntas que le he hecho sobre sus diseños (a la venta en etsy) y su futuro como diseñadora. Espero que disfruteís la entrevista tanto como yo.

How did you become so deeply interested in fashion?

Looking back, I think it was a source of escapism. I won't go into a detailed account of the grievances in my country in the first years after communism, but you can probably imagine how fascinating the polished models in their dazzling clothing seemed. I remember watching FashionTv on bootlegged reception and being mesmerized by what the fashions I saw represented - a better, uncomplicated and yet sophisticated way of life.

What kind of things inspire you?

The concept of freedom. A sort of unconstraint way of being and uninhibited state of mind where sky is the limit and there is nothing holding you back. So when it comes to fashion, it is no surprise that I am very attracted to anything that represents air and light. Sheer and delicate fabrics always stop me in my track.

Which garment are you most proud of?

I'm barely getting started, but my favorite piece so far would have to be the Mummy dress. It's a body-con dress that is wrapped in tulle. The dress incorporates two of my favorite things - a form-fitting silhouette, sheer fabric and a feel of lightness.

What's on your summer wishlist?

An irresistible pair of sandals and lots of ethereal dresses and tops.

What are you looking forward to do in the future? Any projects you'd like to talk about?

Change has been the only constant in my life so far, so I don't have the habit of planning long-term. In the next couple of months I'd like to register a brand name and slowly start building it from there. Right now I am working on some dresses for myself, friends and my Etsy store.


calavera said...

increible,increible. adoro el ultimo vestido...

boubou said...

i love love her coat and her dress !!!!
boubou xx

joanne said...

that mummy dress is so perfect and even more perfectly named!

Etrapar said...

:) I enjoy reading this article :)

Lisa said...

The white body con dress is amazing!

Jessica Amento said...

fashion lovers, add Rachel Zoe on Facebook and Twitter:

Dream Sequins said...

Great interview! Never heard of her stuff before and I'm in love with the "Mummy" dress!

Luciano Sosa from ARGENTINA. said...

Buena info!

Los invito a pasar por mi blog!



mutima said...

cool interview. i love her style. that body cone dress is amazing. thanks for sharing:)

Susana Rodrigues said...

I really like her clothes, the white dress is amazing!

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