Monday, 19 November 2007

Les composantes

Last January Morgane et Zoé, Les Composantes, took the plunge and decided to open their own atelier. Months later, they are ready to share their savoir faire with the rest of the world.

When and why did you open your atelier?

"We are stylists/designers - Sometimes working for magazines sometimes advising people and companies -We collect vintage clothes and are in love with chic fashion since we are little girls . We decided to open for the first sale in September 2007 - It was a success . Very good experience to know what girls and women expect in Paris ."

Was the start difficult?
"We took our time , so it permitted us to collect enough money - It's always a risk , but it worths it."

Which is your favourite fashion era?
Morgane : "For a long time I loved the 60's ... but growing up and becoming a woman makes me like the 1920'/1930's more" .

"Zoé loves the 70's and the 1920's/1930' too.

Do you have any particular vintage treasure you love in your own wardrobe?

Morgane : "I've collected a lot of Courrèges treasures : original dresses and coats and I'm a vintage & luxury shoes' addict . I have more than 400 hundred pairs of vintage beautiful shoes . We hope to be able to produce some shoes soon. I also have a lot of bags , brands and not . "

"Zoé has bought less clothes but has a lot of old books about fashion . Treasures too ..."

What are we going to find in the next Vente Privée?

"It's winter, we still have beautiful Italian boots from the 70's ... a lot of dresses , gloves, bags ,vintage shoes , jewelry ... vintage clothes . A lot of things will be on sale on our blog for the ones who can't come ."

Song: Ain't got no/I got life - Nina Simone


Laia said...

Super lovely things.
A really romantic-mod spirit.
And perfect song for the occasion...!

Carolina Lange said...

Great interview!
I wish them good luck!

AVA said...

Oh my, I love the blue hat.. and the fantastic bag in that same picture! I wish them the very best..

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