Thursday, 29 November 2007

Girls with Allure: Trini

At last another issue of Girls with Allure is out. I am going to maintain, more or less, the questionnaire in all the interviews.

This time I had the pleasure to interview Trini. In her early twenties, she's already a fashion designer and has recently moved from her home country, Chile to Madrid.

Style. "My style is just plain me. An extension of who i am. I don't think it can be defined.I'm influenced on certain decades in fashion, 60s and 70s but really I don't think in anything else. I dress according to my mood and definitely in what i have to do in my day. "

Who are your favourite designers?
"Luella Bartley, Phillip Lim and Yvan Mispelaere."

Predict a trend for next season. What will be wearing in four months?

"For spring i think we will be full of little flowery print dresses,which i personally adore. "

A book, a film, and a song:

"Chanel: Her style and her life by Janet Wallach.

La finestra di fronte .

After hours - The Velvet Underground."

Fetish: "Hats and shoes. I collect them."

As a designer, what is your reaction at the raise of celebrities turned into "designers"?

"Well it just lets you know anyone can "design" know a days. Anyone who is in the media at least.Some do it good but mostly don't. Perfect example of who don't J-LO,Gwen Stefani, or Beyonce. They design trashy clothes and are not by any chance at the level of designers who did study the matter at college. It just shows."

What is, in your opinion, the best garment ever designed? "Pants/shorts for women!"

Which beauty product you can't live without? "Red nail polish."

Do you see a big difference between the way people dress in Spain, and your home country?

"Yes, here people are more into fashion. They are more concerned of details and accessories. Men specially. "

What does elegance mean? "Refined. Audrey Hepburn."
Song: After hours - The Velvet Underground.


Anonymous said...

i found your blog through other blogspot.
This girl reminds me of a cheap version of am_lul(the spanish it girl)from fotolog.
Love your blog.
Regards from Napoli.

Héloïse J. said...

having checked some of her past self-portraits in fotolog i must admit that her sense of style is pretty amazing. :)
nice interview!!
p.s i was sure too about the flowery garments for next season ;)

Anonymous said...

Ieeii, great found.
Lovely style.

Anonymous said...

I like the third dress

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Great interview. She has very nice personal style (from the pictures) and I like the fact she said pants and shorts for women as the best garment designed. It certainly was revolutionary.

Mónica said...

I love the third pic, that dress is lovely.

Anonymous said...

The second pic is supreme. Her style is such a rarity.


Teresa said...

She looks cool; I love the print dress+red nail polish. said...

Nice post. Love the photo with the long socks. And good, non-predictable answers.

Bojana said...

Love the photos, inspiring.

Carolina Lange said...

Great post! She has such an amazing style!

Anonymous said...

cheap version of am_lul? please don't make me laugh, am lul outfits have a really serious lack of taste, and she tries too hard, also it's so loser to be calling somebody the "spanish IT girl", coz she doesn't even appear in fashion magazines.

Anonymous said...

hahaha i've seen loads of articles in mags of amlul...never seen anythin' of that toutlamode apart from that old article in a spanish newspaper.
so,who laughs now?

you should check the net i'm bored of reading about amlul everywhere!that's why they call her spanish it girl.

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