Tuesday, 18 September 2007


While in London -and Madrid- the spring summer collections are going strong, I am still thinking about winter clothing. Which isn't that weird living in the northern hemisphere.

I first discovered Lyell last season, and I was amazed by Emma Fletcher's designs. Every single piece is like a time trip.

Her clothes have the ability to take you back to past times and looking at the pictures you can feel the vintage vibe this garments are impregnate with. But Lyell doesn't forget the necessities of women nowadays, and adapts this pieces to our times.

The fall/winter collection is full of front-tie blouses, wool pea coats and dresses in a wide range of colours from black and white to brown or blue.

Song: I'm the man who loves you-Wilco


Anonymous said...

very beautiful collection!

Fenke said...

oh I discovered their collection lately too - although I am not the romantic dressing type, i really like -as you said- the old fashioned touch of it.

Disneyrollergirl.net said...

Beautiful! Where's it sold?

María said...

Rollergirl: You can buy it on-line at refinery29shop and letrainbleu. And she also has her own shops at Paris and New York:

173 Elizabeth St. New York, NY 10012
store hours—12 to 7 Daily
subway—6 at Spring / R at Prince / F/V at Laffayette

1, Rue Charles Francois Dupuis, 75003 Paris

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