Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Acne jewellery

acne jewellery

Acne, probably the most well-known swedish clothing brand after H&M, collaborates with the designer Husam el Odeh to launch a jewellery collection sold exclusively at thecorner. It consists of five handmade pieces with carved seashells on a base of silver. The result is a combination of clean lines and rawness that will leave broke many of our pockets.

Acne, probablemente la marca de ropa sueca más conocida en el mundo después de H&M, colabora con el diseñador Husam el Odeh para lanzar una colección de joyas que ya está a la venta de forma exclusiva en thecorner.Se compone de cinco modelos realizados en plata con incrustaciones de madreperla. El resultado es una colección de lineas depuradas y un tanto salvajes gracias a las conchas.


mmr said...

I guess you're right, these items will probably become all the rage despite their, what I think are, exuberant prices. Not that I'm surprised. You see, my problem with Acne is not only it's overexposure in the blogosphere -I used to be quite taken in with this brand but after having seen it being worn by so many it all of a sudden seems very, I don't know how to describe it properly, perhaps 'bland'?- but mostly the fact that the prices charged do not seem to be justified by the quality of the items..

I will end things on a more positive note though, and point out that I find the silver shell earrings to be quite pretty nonetheless :)

Tamara said...

La colección es genial, es bonita y muy sutil, como todo el rollo Acne, pero sí que estoy un poco de acuerdo con MMR los precios me parecen astronómicos (no de las joyas, sino en general).

F.M. said...

It's pretty, no doubt. But if I were to purchase something designed like this, I would want to go with a dedicated jewelry designer. It is still, totally beautiful.


mensajes claro gratis said...

Its a beatifull collection.

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