Sunday, 14 March 2010

Saul Leiter

saul leiter
saul leiter 2
saul leiter 3
saul leiter joanna

Saul Leiter is not doubt, one of the photographers who best captured the essence of New York. Overall, his work reflects the loneliness and individualism that characterized Manhattan in the 40's and 50's. His pictorial background shows in such a way in the composition of his photographs, that some of them may be confused with watercolours.

Saul Leiter es, sin duda alguna, uno de los fotógrafos que mejor ha sabido captar la esencia neoyorquina. Su obra refleja, sobre todo, la soledad y el individualismo que caracterizaba Manhattan a mediados del siglo XX. Su herencia pictórica es palpable hasta tal punto en la composición de sus fotografías que algunas podrían ser confundidas por acuarelas.



me encanta la ultima foto!

Tamara said...

Precioso trabajo, la última es mi preferida también.

selen catili said...

I was scrolling down through the pictures and before reading what you wrote, I thought "This must be about the soul of NY." It turned out to be exactly so :)

Ellifantastic said...

Very nice pictures!!!! said...

LOve his work, we have a couple of his books. Hope you're OK x

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