Sunday, 7 June 2009

Girls with Allure: Madelene

For this new issue of Girls with Allure I had the pleasure to interview Madelene of Le Portillon, whose style and words I've admired since I started reading her old blog in 2006. I hope you enjoy and learn from this interview as much as I did.

Define your style.
Simple, eclectic, dreamy and all through a manifest of my persona.


You'd never be caught in...
Anything that isn't 'me': I detest feeling like I'm not entirely being myself, or not loyal to my own style and sensibilities.

You can't live without...
My special pharmacy lipbalm, only available in Sweden. I panic a little if I forget it.

Your passion is...
Writing. I've always had a soft spot for words, composing and creating.

Which is, in your opinion, the best piece of clothing ever designed?
Whoever came up with the black wool coat (think doublebreasted, kneelength and supersoft) was a fashion genius.


Who are your favorite designer(s)?
Alber Elbaz, Charles Anastase, Karen Walker, Yves Saint Laurent, Vanessa Bruno, among others.

A book, a film and a song.
'Lolita' by Nabokov for the most beautiful use of language; 'Une Femme est Une Femme' by Godard because it never fails to make me smile; 'It seems so long ago Nancy' by Leonard Cohen because I find his voice comforting, lyrics divine.


What are your wardrobe staples?
Repetto flats, opaque Wolford tights, cashmere pullovers en masse, silk dresses, Superfine jeans and well-cut wool coats with all kinds of quirky details.

A fetish.
Edwardian era dresses and blouses. The handmade details found in these pieces are stunning and incomparable to most present day clothing. They have great personality.


Name three of your favourite beauty products.
Elizabeth Arden's Eight hour cream, I use a tiny bit on my lips instead of lipgloss; Neutrogena's night cream does wonders for my face; Chanel's poudre universelle libre has been my powder of choice for years.

What kind of things inspire you while getting dressed?
Most of my inspiration to dress is the result of me being an avid daydreamer, with a lively fantasy and an undying love for beauty.

What does style mean to you?
Style to me is a compulsive part of life, inescapable but it should only ever come naturally; when it is forced it loses all importance. Style is as essential to pleasure as any good book, song or lover. It is intelligent and completely enthralling.


Pepa Xavier said...

I really enjoyed your interview.

Dream Sequins said...

What a fabulous girl with classic style. Thanks for sharing!

Gigi said...

thank you I discovered her blog because of you1
so glad you posted it!
Would you get in my blog?

Tamara said...

Oh! Never heard of her blog, but I'm going to check right now, because this pics look lovely! ;)

Gisele said...

I used to read her blog, glad she´s back, great interview!

Brandon said...

Great interview! What a sophisticated young lady, Madelene. She has such a great way with words. Thanks for bringing her to my attention!

joanne said...

could not agree more with her answer to what style means!!

Taru Tuomi said...

nice blog--

Michelle said...

great interview, I've only just discover her blog recently but it is SO GOOD!

Theresa said...

All of these clotes are wonderful! I really enjoyed reading this interview!

maverickandlove said...

loved reading the interview with the nice photos along with it. seeing those macaroons made me want some really badly! xx

Mom Fashion World said...

i enjoyed reading your interview.
she has nice fashion style.

Vera said...

Great interview, honey! Thank you for pointing me in the direction of her blog, she has a great style!

ryan said...

i like this blog

.cocobutterlipbalm said...

I love those outfits - top dress is adorable!I think your blog is really quirky and chic - I'd really appreciate if you would check out my blog and become a follower on it! -

Unknown said...

loove the first dress!! the volume of the skirt is soo cute!!

Suze said...

this was lovely, she seems such a nice and pretty girl

Miriam said...

ohhhh i love ur dress!!!! wonderful

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