Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Michael Oats


Some time ago Miguel left his home town, Almería and went to Málaga to study a degree in Audiovisual Communication. This 20-year-old has already a clear aesthetic sense which is inspired -in his own words- by Vogue.

Hace un tiempo, Miguel dejó su Almería natal para marcharse a Málaga a estudiar Comunicación Audiovisual. Con tan solo 20 años, ya tiene un sentido de la estética muy claro que según sus propias palabras está inspirado en los editoriales de Vogue.


His main reference is Steve Klein through whom he discovered and became interested in fashion photography. He also likes the work of Steve Meisel "overall the phase where he mixed everyday situations with haute couture (Glamorama, Live on the web, etc...)".

Su principal referente es Steve Klein, a través del cual descubrió y se aficionó a la fotografía de moda. Otro de sus fotógrafos de cabecera es Steve Meisel "sobretodo la etapa en la que mezclaba las acciones de la vida cotidiana con alta costura (Glamorama, Live on the web, etc...)".


I predict him a long career, and I only hope his dream of publishing in Vogue will come true someday.

Le auguró una carrera larga, y solo espero que su deseo de publicar en Vogue se cumpla algún día.

All pics belong to Michael Oats.

Todas las fotos pertenecen a Michael Oats.


Anonymous said...

Es muy jovencito. Quien la sigue, la consigue. Y si tiene las cosas tan claras... Seguro que acaba en Vogue. Aunque para ser fotógrafo ahy que pasar unos años de hambre, me temo.

electric feel said...

i like the shoots
especially the first one is my favourite pic

good luck for him

lisa @ luxe said...

love this...love your blog, I have added your link, please let me know if it is okay?
kisses from las vegas

Fashionista Diary said...

these are some really nice shots!! hope it all goes well for him! xo

..... said...

this dude is really brilliant !! nice pictures yeah

Marian said...

what gorgeous photographey,im sure the sky is the limit for him.Good luck to him. lovely post.

Anonymous said...

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Receive a warm greeting.

Sinceramente nos ha encantado su blog

Valerie Rojas Braverman said...

best of luck to Michael Oats. his photos are gorgeous. beautiful blog by the way!

Michelle said...

Beautiful photos! I love the languid style it has..

loveology said...

Absolutely beautifdul...
Loving the atmosphere!


micol zanzuri said...

i so like this shoting!

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