Friday, 23 March 2007

Mooka Kinney

The description in their site is so good that I won't change a coma.
"Inspired by winged ponies, Peter Pan and other such fantastical things, Rachel Antonoff and Alison Lewis set to work on their debut collection of dresses, all of which would be fit for a party in a tree-house. Using imaginative, color-saturated cottons and relying on embellishments such as candy colored pony and deer buttons, the girls have created an ageless collection of dresses."
This one is my favourite. I love how the people of Satine combined it with a striped t-shirt.

All dresses cost $230.


Anonymous said...

really pretty stuff!! but for 230 I had to choose wisely!

Anonymous said...

The criss-crossing straps in the back really make these whimsical. Cute find!

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