Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Model style

It is evident that models know how to dress. Maybe because they are the first to know the next big trend.

A great idea to wear at college: cashmere and mini skirt.

I love every single piece Lily Cole wears here.

Alexander McQueen skull scarf, mini-skirt and leather jacket, a bit predictable.

Gemma Ward looks sexy wearing a denim dress.

Following a fall fashion trend: grey

Anouck Lepere is in my opinion one of the prettiest models. Jefferson Hack always chooses partners with sense of style.


Anonymous said...

the girl in the gray striped sweater looks like a little 10yrs old child ..

have thought about a "Models' style" post as well! maybe it is going to come soon..

molly said...

oooh very lovely

Madelene said...

I love t-strap shoes right now. heels and flats, they are just gorgeous.

Elle said...

ooh loving how orignial this post is.


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