Friday, 26 January 2007

Oh la la Chloë!

Chloë Sevigny has a very interesting sense of style. I draw clothes (as a hobby) and she always inspires me. I consider her my muse. She has her own personality, she doesn't copy anybody and that's what I like most about her. And she has the greatest legs I have ever seen.

As Marc Jacobs once said: "she (Chloë) stands out in a sea of often cliched-looking actresses."

My favourite outfit. Guess why?


discotheque confusion said...

hmm?...Something to do with The smiths?

I love that first picture though, she looks so effortlessly cool!

I ♥ chloe!

S xx

Anonymous said...

She is my favorite person stylewise ever, and I love her acting. She looks brilliant in all of the epiclylaterd pictures...I feel like I connect to her look, you know?

María said...

Yes, somehow I feel the same. And I love her as an actress too. I've seen Melinda&Melinda, Boys don't cry, and right now I am addicted to Big Love.

Anonymous said...

Actriz fantástica y con una personalidad indiscutible, al margen de las modas. Una mujer segura de sí misma, que conoce su cuerpo y sabe sacarse el mejor partido. Siempre me sorprende.


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