Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Alexander Wang

A few days ago I discovered a designer called Alexander Wang. I must confess I love every single piece he designs.
Here are some of his works:

Post your opinions about Alexander Wang.


alluretone said...

aw yess, i love alexander wang. his looks her just soo effortless, cool and chic. everything is so perfect, esp thoes shorts!

discotheque confusion said...

these are such lovely designs, I like the fact its a subtle twist on the nautical theme-I usually really tire of the nautical look but A. Wang has actually pulled it off very well!

My favourite is the third picture, everything from the outfit and the model to the ambience of the photograph is perfect.

The model looks a lot like Gemma W and Sasch P. Do you know who she is?

S xx

María said...

No, I don't know. But she reminds me to somebody too.

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