Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Johnny Thunders

Johnny Thunders was a member of the New York Dolls and therefore one of the most influential people in Punk Rock history, as well as one of the best dressed men - along with Nick Cave- in the music industry.

Johnny Thunders fue miembro de los New York Dolls, y por consiguiente una de las personas más influyentes de la historia del punk. Además es uno de los hombres mejor vestidos -junto con Nick Cave- en la industria de la música.

I really like this statement from The Cheap Date Guide to Style about him :" Johnny Thunders was a kid from Queens in Studio-54 era, anything-goes New York. From boy-scout shirts to Tibetan boots, '40s women's heels to fine tailoring. With a curled lip, he made the slightest detail significant, and magnificent. Mundanity didn't exist in his style, and pictures of him are still magical."

Me gusta mucho éste extracto de The Cheap Date Guide to Style sobre él: "Johnny Thunders era un chico de Queens en la era de Studio 54, y cualquier cosa que se llevase en New York. Desde camisas de cowboy pasando por botas tibetanas, tacones de mujer de los '40 o refinados trajes hechos a medida. Con su mirada de desprecio hacía del menor detalle algo significativo y magnífico. La mundanidad no existía en sus estilo y sus fotografías aún son mágicas."



Anonymous said...

that hair!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice post!! Absolutely love your blog! I have linked it to our blog! Feel free to have a look and link to us if you enjoy reading it :)
Keep in touch!! xx

Marian said...

love this post.he sounded fabulous from that descreiption,tibetan boots? YES PLEASE! :o),i love men who are not afraid to experiment.
the images are great.

Andrea Martínez said...

No fue el quien andaba con Cyrinda Fox o la rubia groupie que se juntaba con Lori Mattix?? Ay se me olvidaron los nombres jeje

Adele said...

the devil's in the details, as they say!
he's got style, and more than the kind you dress yourself in.
wow he's attractive, by the way. pity he's old now!

María said...

Adele: Unfortunately, he died in 1991.

Michelle said...

He's hot! The New York Dolls are totally ace.

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